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Professor George T. Michaltsos – National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.), Greece
Assistant Editor:
Assoc. Prof. Paolo Lonetti – University of Calabria, Italy
Prof. Beskos Dimitrios – Univ. of Patras, Greece
Prof. Bruno Domenico – Univ. of Calabria, Italy
Prof. Gazetas George – N.T.U. Athens, Greece
Prof. Hajdin Nikola – Academician, Serbia
Prof. Makris Nicos – Univ. of Southern Florida, USA
Prof. Marinos Paul – N.T.U. Athens, Greece
Assoc. Prof. Oliveira Daniel – Minho Un., Portugal
Dr. Papanikolas Panayiotis – CEO, Gefyra, Greece
Prof. Pecker Alain – Ecole des Ponts, France
Prof. Polyzois Dimos – Univ. of Manitoba, Canada
Prof. Saiidi Saiid M. – Univ. of Nevada, Reno, USA
Prof. Spiliopoulos Konstantinos – N.T.U.Ath, Greece
Prof. Spyrakos Constantine – N.T.U. Athens, Greece
Dr. Steenfelt Jorden – Civil Engineer, Denmark
Prof. Stipanic Bratislav – Univ. of Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. Tsopelas Panos – N.T.U. Athens, Greece
Prof. Yang Yeong-Bin – Nat. Taiwan Univ., Taiwan
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