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International Journal of Bridge Engineering

The International Journal of Bridge Engineering (IJBE) is an international, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal that provides a unique publication forum for addressing challenges and new emerging problems in the study of bridges, their dynamics, as well as associated phenomena and processes. Three issues per year are published online.

The journal publishes high quality contributions in all aspects of such systems, including analysis, modeling, control, and applications. The journal welcomes papers in all aspects of this development directed toward the study of behavior of bridges under static, dynamic and fatigue loads as well as soil-bridge interaction. This includes aspects related to the practice and profession of bridge engineering – soil-bridge interaction and also papers on architecture of bridges, bridge monitoring, design methods, fabrication and construction, new and high performance materials, seismic behavior, vehicle-bridge interaction, old bridges and maintenance, long-span bridges, geotechnical problems related to bridges, isolation and damping systems, etc. The papers developing theoretical concepts, theories, experimental techniques, design methodologies, and methods in any focus area of IJBE are especially welcome when the application areas are clearly identified. The IJBE peer-review system, together with the outstanding scientists of the editorial board, ensures that high quality as well as high ethical and professional standards are maintained throughout.
All open access journals charge fees either to authors or to readers. This usually leads to low quality reviewing and publication process, while on the other hand it discourages mainly the young scientists without financial support and as a result, high quality publications are not widely disseminated. In order to encourage young scientists, IJBE Journal is an “open type” free-access journal without publication fees neither for authors nor for readers. The high quality of papers is ensured by a very strict peer-reviewing of all submitted articles. The Journal is owned and managed by the Hellenic Society of Bridges Study (HSBS), that is responsible for maintenance, archiving and electronic backup.
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